I'm a US & UK based entrepreneur, expedition paramedic, aspiring acrobat, student pilot, and ardent student of life. I'm currently exploring the world one cup of tea at a time and pursuing my passion for medicine.

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  • Tyrone Road Trip

    I found my boy Tyrone as a 10 week old pup after recurring dreams when I was young of finding a dog. Actually, he found me. At first I thought he was abandoned but as I got to know him I realized he just wanted a better life for himself

  • Soaring

    Currently working on my private pilot rating; a goal since I first flew a plane at 9 years old

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    I am currently traveling extensively with a goal to visit all of the most remote places on Earth.

  • Adventure

    115am in the Arctic

Unified Living

Unified Living is a project being created by myself and a few friends to share insights and advice on creating a unified state of being that balances material abundance with spiritual truth; essentially moving towards the complete freedom and therefore happiness.