About DJ



DJ (Don) Siclari is an entrepreneur, adventurer, coach, and speaker based in London, San Francisco, and Boston. Don’s search for truth and understanding began as a young child when he couldn’t stop asking the question “why?” (He even received an award for being the most inquisitive kid in the 5th grade) He also decided early on that he didn’t want to work for someone else so he started a business at 9 and his 5 year old sister Stephanie was his assistant. (Stephanie loved the idea so much that she still works for him. Note this is not the same business he ran at 9!)

Having grown up in a lower working class family, Don never had the benefit of holidays as a child and grew up on a diet of standard fast and processed food. These two factors drove his desire to achieve financial success, health, and longevity.

As a young child, DJ had 4 career aspirations. He wanted to be a priest, a warrior, a businessman, and a doctor. His quest took him through a pursuit of each of these realms.

In his teens while a high school athlete, he began studying with teachers of a Japanese spiritual warrior lineage, Oriental Medicine, esoteric meditation, and neurolinguistic programming/hypnotherapy.

(His girlfriend in high school told him he is “way too motivated.”)

Don attended Miami University of Ohio where he purs
ued a degree in psychology and religion and started his first company, InChek, whilst working as a firefighter/EMT, attending paramedic school, studying martial arts, chairing the Japanese club, and of course taking a full course load.

(DJ likes to say he has far more fun now than he did as a university student)

Throughout his 20s, he continued his training in spiritual warrior arts, healing, meditation, shamanic traditions, and personal change work, earning several certifications along the way. Having always had a love of medicine, Don went to paramedic school while in college and took an extra year to complete advanced clinical studies in hospital, helicopter, and operating room settings.

He then worked as a paramedic and firefighter, started InChek, LLC (a payment processing company), completed executive protection training, and was the executive director of Metrofly – a Manhattan based charity fundraising organization which hosted monthly social events. Don also went through professional bodyguard training where he specialized in dealing with stalkers.

In his 20s, DJ developed a course called “The Art of Personal Storytelling” which he taught regularly in the 2000s. The program explores how to understand and share the wisdom of your experiences in compelling ways. Alongside storytelling, Don teaches “The Art of Conversation and Networking” which gives people a foundation for becoming more resourceful. Don’s been called “an expert networker” and his copywriter once said to him “You need to go sit under a tree for 10 years and then come back. You’ve done way too much to tie together in a bio.”


Don keeps fit by defying gravity training with Cirque du Soleil Acrobats who kick his butt on a daily basis and owns the first and only gymnastics/circus/fitness gym in Las Vegas.

Most recently, Don has re-engaged his childhood love of aviation and is pursuing a private pilot’s license, started a pet charity, and a new concierge business.

Don serves on the Advisory Board of the Union Institute and University Center for Clinical Mindfulness, an organization pioneering mindfulness meditation practices in the professional treatment of depression and psychotherapy.