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InChek Payment Processing

InChek was DJ’s first venture which he started as a college student out of his dorm room processing bad checks. Today InChek is a successful boutique payment processor allowing US Businesses to accept card payments in person and over the web.

L’Oracle Circus and Fitness

L’Oracle is the first of its kind 12,000 square foot circus and fitness facility in Las Vegas serving the needs of professional performers and recreationalists alike. Opened in 2012, L’Oracle attracts circus enthusiasts from all over the US who want to train with the best performers in the world.

AvoCro Management

AvoCro is DJ’s newest venture. A concierge service the based in London, AvoCro connects travelers with resources including accommodations, tickets, transportation, fitness training, food, and other traveler necessities. Originally growing out of a conversation between DJ and a friend he met when he visited London in 2015, AvoCro currently operates in London, Las Vegas, Cape Town, and San Francisco.