Dead set on being a doctor until entrepreneurship fell into my lap, and being too impatient to wait 5 years to do patient care, I went to paramedic school concurrently with my 3rd and 4th years in university.  I then worked in the field for awhile I was starting my company and in all spent 8 years on an ambulance. In late 2016, I decided to get back into the medical field. I let my national paramedic certification lapse 10 years ago but decided to challenge the exam anyway.

I passed on the first try which inspired me to get back into medicine with an eye towards what I can do on the international front. I am currently doing a master’s degree in advanced practice in the UK, a fellowship in metabolic, functional, and nutritional medicine through George Washington University, a fellowship in wilderness medicine, and a critical care program. (Yes, I spend about 4-6 hours/day studying, while I travel!)

I will probably apply to medical school at some point.

As an avid international traveler who has experienced and witnessed medical issues abroad, I’ve become quite interested in travel and expedition medicine. My lifelong interest in long term health and wellness care and anti aging is merging with my emergency training.

I’ve always sought knowledge and skill well beyond the traditional scope of practice of a street medic so I’m looking forward to seeing where this will take me. I’m spending a lot of time studying and doing clinical placements at the moment attempting to learn all I can just as I did when I was a premed/paramedic student. I was dead set on being a doctor and then entrepreneurship fell into my lap and now it’s come full circle.



After doing P90X twice and thinking I was strong, I was blown away by a Cirque du Soleil in Vegas and shortly thereafter I met a few performers who started teaching me their arts.

The first months were hell as I was training with an Eastern European Olympic Gymnastics Coach who decided I was strong compared to most Americans but “fat and veak” for what I wanted to do and thus commenced a get in shape period of pure hell. I loved it.

Now I continue my training whilst traveling mainly to stay in shape and take breaks from studying and while I’ll never even be close in skill to what my performer friends can do, it’s a fun (and impossible) way to keep in shape



As a kid, I was obsessed with Aviation and took my first flying lessons at the age of 9. As one cannot solo until the age of 16, I didn’t continue but completing my private pilot’s license and instrument rating has been on my bucket list since then.

Recently I decided to kick that goal into high gear and now am pursuing the required hours for the private license.



Inspired by my first martial arts teacher who was a bodyguard for various royal families, I went through ESI’s Advanced Executive Protection Training Program where I specialized in understanding the dynamics that cause people to stalk other people and how to handle these situations. Since then I have worked a number of stalking cases. My background as a lifelong martial artist, firefighter, and paramedic has taught me to understand how people react under stress and how to channel that into productive action.