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Sacred Fire has a place in very ancient spiritual traditions worldwide as it is one of the four core elements of nature revered and utilized in shamanic traditions.

The fire ceremony I practice is called Goma which is the Japanese pronunciation of the ancient Vedic right Homa which literally means “offerings through fire.” The Goma was brought to Japan from Ancient India by way of China and as such contains elements of Vedism, Hinduism, magical Taoism, Buddhism, and Shinto.

Traditionally done to manifest wishes and clear obstacles, I first was  told by my teacher to bring this to the West in 2007 and for nearly 5 years I performed it every  month on property in Connecticut. The ritual contains powerful manifestation magic and is highly secretive in nature.

Totally appropriate and respectful of all faiths, sacred fire is a brilliant way to come together, honor the divine, manifest wishes, and obtain clarity in one’s life. Additionally, there are many forms of the Goma done for different purposes and they can be customized to specific needs and desires of people who request them.

Not to mention I’ve had a fire bug since I was a kid. First by playing with matches, then 8 years as a firefighter, and then finally I persisted long enough that my teacher in Japan finally taught me the fire rite.